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I (Mr. Beale) am a singer/songwriter/producer based in London.

Please contact for a private demo link.

I've featured on artists tracks : Demuja, Gratts ft. a flip by Alex Kassian, KaySoul, Dwyer.

I also sing in the band Palafico Honey. Dan Steward, (Geo Taguchi) (Guitar), Tom Capaldi (Piano + Production), Tom Nevile (Guitar).

Review of Nothing Sweet EP - "House, Hip-Hop, Jazz, and everything else under the sun. With traditional instrumentation leaning on classic pop & disco blended with modern production techniques, Palafico Honey (fka Cappa & Daniel-San) are a true musical reflection of their generation."

Wordplay Review of  EP Orpheus -  LINK

Having met in Edinburgh 6 years ago, we've played across many Edinburgh event spaces including the Caves, Bongos, Paradise Palms. Having moved back to London we've since played at Next Door Records and headlined at Bush Hall. 'Nothing Sweet' has gained over 1,000,000 listens.

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