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Alfie Templeman ‘Broken’ 


We created:


↝ Ominous vending machine teleportation device ⠀
↬ Tiny Alfie toys⠀

⁣⇨ Giant Alfie packaging⠀

⇄ The ‘Mellow Moon’⠀

↻ ‘How to: Life’ instruction manual⠀

⇝ ‘Moondust’ sherbert ft. giant lollies⠀

↯ Cracking and crumbling cloud room⠀


Directed by @jackturner 
Production Designer: @ellen_works 

Art Director: @elliebbeale 

Art Department: @icamauduit 

Art Department: @fanis.dalezios 

Art Department: @rob1art 
DOP: @jordantemplarclarke⠀

1st AD: @millercharlotte⠀

Exec Producer: @conor_duffy_⠀
Producer: @chris_kirt⠀

Production Company: @bloodfilmsltd⠀

Movement Coach: @simon.donnellon⠀

Focus Puller: @marcossricardo⠀

2nd AC: @bucky1986⠀

Gaffer: @samcrook_⠀
Spark: @jamesduffy.gaffer⠀

HMU Stylist: @hollyspencermakeup⠀

Wardrobe Stylist: @69playgirl69⠀
Runner: @maximusswrld⠀

Runner: @alwell17⠀

COVID Supervisor / Medic: @cammiecuddles⠀
⁣BTS: @liam_james_barry⠀

⁣Production Partner: @orillofilms⠀

Video Commissioner: @cheyennecody⠀

Project Manager: @tom_prideaux⠀

Chess Club @chessclubrecords / AWAL Recordings @awal

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