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Memory CD: ROSA, Film, 2:00 Min, 2020

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Above is the extended version of the film shown at CIRCA, which won the Latymer Alumni Prize

My reworked film Memory CD: ROSA was selected to be exhibit on the 10th September 2020, on the Piccadilly Circus lights, as part of the CIRCA art exhibition. LINK ,

The film was made with dancer Rosa Villanueva, Mexico.

The film questions what constitutes ‘naturalness’ within landscape and draws comparison to the artificiality of rose-tinted personal memory. Wide, impersonal landscapes that are devoid of human presence, cast against intimate moments, ebb and flow throughout the piece, echoing the rhythm of memory recall. The film ROSA, within the Memory CD collection, reflects my continued exploration into the use of language, sound and image as metaphors to express the chasm between reality and nostalgic reflection, prompted by Wordsworth's The Prelude. As rose tinted memories mark our present, mankind’s mechanical imprint punctures our skyline. Our ecological and emotive impression shapes our internal and external landscapes and Rosa’s bodily movement and manmade features: bridges, reflections and antenna, interrupt the visions of ‘natural’ environments. The woven archival and personal footage prompts the viewer to question the futility of assuming ‘naturalness’ and ‘authenticity’ within pastoral and cityscape landscapes, and within the landscape of our memories.


The subtitles read as follows:


Impossible landscapes hold our memory.

Waves of personal, nostalgic childhood longing ebb and flow, 

amidst our collective nostalgia for untouched landscapes.

Visions of childhood hold fast as green idylls, 

where mechanical trumpets are silenced

and nostalgic naturalness appears real,

as inauthentic reflections puncture our present.

Thank you to Apolo Wilson who helped shoot the footage on the eve of the exhibition.

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