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Memory CD

Sound Installation, four multi-channel Genelec speakers, playing sound pieces: 06:45 Min Lament for 2020, 08:11 Min Tomorrow Isn't Going Forward &  04:32 Min Contact on rotation. Forming part of Memory CD. To listen to these works click here for 'Audio'.

Solo exhibition, at Rhythm Machine, January 2020. Sound Installation. Audience guided into a room blindfolded and separated from their friends within a club setting, listened to piece, removed blindfold - encountering a blue, smoke filled anatomy lecture theatre, guided to exit.

The piece brought viewers from their highest highs to lowest stillness. Referencing Murakami, the blue lit and smokey room, when blindfolds are removed, resembles a recognisable but slightly 'off' environment. The viewer is transported to view a slightly altered reality upon their exit, a path initially laid by the sound piece. For more information on the research behind the sound works visit by clicking here on either: 'Artist Statement' or 'Found Across Other Ebbs'.

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